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Ghanaian Travel Certificates (TC) are issued only to Ghanaians who are not in possession of Ghana Passports and require traveling to Ghana in an emergency situation. The TC is valid for one month.


  • Duly completed application form, available at the Embassy;
  • The Form should be completed in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Two (2) recent and identical colour passport sized photographs
  • Provide expired passport or biodata page of passport, birth certificate and a Police Report;

Applicants will also be obliged to register with the Embassy by completing the Ghanaian Citizen’s Registration Form

Attach proof of payment of the TC. Processing fee of 100,000 Won


Public documents (such as Driver License, Academic Records, Criminal Check or Police Clearance, Birth/Death certificates, Bachelor/Spinster, Marriage/Divorce) issued by Ghanaian authorities for use abroad must have:

Authentication or Cover letter from the issuing authority*

Notarized by Notary Public in Ghana

Certified by Judicial Service of Ghana

Attested by the Legal and Consular Bureau of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration

The Issuing Authorities are:

  • Driver License – Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) of Ghana
  • Academic Records – The University or Educational Institution that issued the  academic records
  • Criminal Check or Police Clearance – Ghana Police Service
  • Birth/Death certificates – Birth and Death Registry
  • Customary Marriage/Divorce documents – The local registry in Ghana where the marriage was registered

Processing fee of 40,000 Won

*Kindly note that the various authorities of the host country have intensified the verification of documents presented by applicants, despite any attestation cover letter from the Mission. The attestation of documents is usually completed two (2) days after submission. Collection days are Wednesdays and Fridays.


Per the ruling of the Supreme Court, Ghanaians who are eligible for dual citizenship under the provisions of the Citizenship Act 2002 (Act 591) are no longer mandatorily required to apply for a Dual Citizenship Certificate or Card.  Ghanaians in need of Dual Citizenship Cards or Certificates and applying for same may do so on their own volition and for their own benefit.

Furthermore, per the directive of the Ghana Immigration Service, when travelling to Ghana, dual nationals could have their Ghana passport, for entry and exit purposes and also their foreign passport only as a proof of their admissibility into the other country when exiting Ghana.  Hence these travelers are to provide both passports at the Immigration check point upon arrival in and departure from Ghana.

However, where citizenship laws do not subscribe to dual nationality, Ghanaians who opted to renounce their Ghanaian nationality in favour of citizenship of those countries would have to bear their own responsibility of travelling to Ghana which includes the acquisition of a valid visa.

A dual national who elects to travel to Ghana with a foreign passport other than a Ghanaian passport or dual nationality card would automatically require an entry visa in view of the election to travel to Ghana with a foreign passport only.

Until reviewed by the Constitution of Ghana or decided otherwise by the Apex Court of the Republic of Ghana, the above dispatch under reference reflects the current state of the law on the Subject.


  • A fully completed Citizenship Regulations, 2001 form, available for purchase at US$250
  • Copies of the biodata page of both Ghanaian and Korean passports
  • Copy of the Naturalization Certificate from Korea (in English and Korean)
  • Four recent and identical colour passport-sized photographs
  • Photocopy of the receipt issued when the application form was purchased

The fully completed is forwarded to the Ministry of Interior through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration in Accra.


Police clearance is issued to all Ghanaians upon request, that is, those living at home (residents) or abroad (non-residents). Police clearance is also issued to foreigners who have stayed in the country for 3 months and above.


However, if you have resided in Ghana but are present in a foreign country and need a police report, you can appoint a representative to apply at the CID Headquarters in Accra on your behalf.  You can also send email to hq.pro@police.gov.gh for general enquiries.
The Ghana Police Service has published the authorized fees https://police.gov.gh/en/index.php/paid-police-services/


The Korea Road Traffic Corporation will only process a driver’s license from Ghana if the following documents are presented:

  • Cover letter from the Embassy of Ghana signed by an authorized person in the Consular Section;
  • Certified true copy of the Ghana Driver License
  • Certified true copy of the authentication cover letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ghana; and
  • Certified true copy of a letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), Ghana.


Note: All fees are to be paid directly into the Ghana Embassy KEBHana Bank Account:

Account Name: Embassy of The Republic of Ghana
Bank Name: KEB HANA Bank
Account Number: 166-890075-57105
Branch: Hannam-Jungang
Swift Code: KOEXKRSE


The Consular Section working hours are:

Monday – Thursday10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m (break 11:40 a.m. – 12:40 p.m.)
Friday10:00 a.m. – 11:40 a.m
Saturday, SundayClosed
Public HolidaysClosed

For further information, you could call the Consular Section on the following telephone numbers for assistance:

02-3785-1427 or 02-749-8982

Thank you.

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